Green growth and sustainable development

Green Growth Indicators in Latin American Countries


OECD / CAF Seminar - 11 June 2015

High-level officials from the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region and the representatives of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) visited the OECD to learn more about the Organisation’s work on environment and green growth.

Officials also discussed the feedback and progress made since the joint UNIDO/OECD/CAF study on monitoring green growth indicators in the LAC region , published in 2014.


OECD / UNIDO Workshop - June 2012 - Agenda - Presentations and Speeches - Partners

LAC Workshop: June 2012

This expert workshop was organised by the OECD and the UNIDO as part of the UNIDO initiative to develop and monitor green growth in Latin America by using the OECD Green Growth measurement framework and drawing on the rich UNEP experience with environmental indicators in Latin America. It brought together international experts and officials from the Latin American economic and environment ministries that were involved in production of country reports. The overall objective of the initiative is to establish a measurement framework in Latin America that would bring together economic and environmental data to help governments and other stakeholders to assess opportunities for green growth. The purpose of the workshop was to exchange experience among the users of the OECD Green Growth and UNEP indicators and to provide expert advice on country reports presented by the delegates from Latin America.


The workshop participants,

  • Presented country reports using green growth indicators in Latin America;
  • Exchanged experience on using the OECD Green Growth indicators in OECD member countries;
  • Provided expert advice on Latin American country reports, including recommendations for further work;
  • Discussed the agenda and priority areas for further work;
  • Scoped the communication strategy to inform high-level policy making and wider audience in LA.

Day 1: Expert workshop providing a forum to discuss Latin American country reports.

Day 2: Capacity building meeting to discuss future work (by invitation, to be extended on June 7).

Participation included:

  • Officials from the economic and environment ministries of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay;
  • National experts from OECD countries that have previously used the OECD Green Growth indicators, including Czech Republic, Korea and the Netherlands;
  • Senior management from the international organisations, including the CAF, SELA, UNEP and UNIDO.
  • Experts and senior management from the OECD Environment, Economic and Statistics Directorates.

Presentations and speeches


Partners of this initiative

CAF Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina

SELA Sistema Económico Latinoamericano y del Caribe

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme      






                        PILOT STUDY ON GREEN GROWTH
                        INDICATORS FOR LAC COUNTRIES - English / Español



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