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Annual Meeting of the EAP Task Force, 2012


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The annual EAP Task Force meeting held in Oslo on 24-25 September 2012, at the invitation of the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, took place just a few months after the Rio+20 Summit. It presented an opportunity to discuss how green growth strategies could be operationalised by countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA), particularly within the framework of the EAP Task Force work programme. More specifically, participants were invited to consider the ways of strengthening market-based approaches for environmental protection, in particular for water management, in EECCA, as well as challenges related to innovation and technology cooperation in support to green growth. Government officials from EECCA and OECD countries and a wide range of non-governmental and international partners were invited to attend the meeting.

The main outcomes of the meeting are reflected in its Summary Record.



Agenda/Summary record


Environmental fiscal reform



» Draft annotated agenda

» Summary record of the annual EAP Task Force meeting in Chisinau (20-21 October 2011)


» Refocusing economic and other monetary instruments for greater environmental impact: How to unblock reform in EECCA 

» Overview of key methods used to identify and quantify environmentally harmful subsidies with a focus on the energy sector


» Fostering Green Innovation and Technology Co-operation in EECCA: Issues Paper

Water economics
  Water resource mangement   Programme management

» Economic instruments for water management in the Debed River Basin: Issues and options - Armenia

» Improving the use of economic instruments for water resource management in Kyrgyzstan: the case of lake Issyk-Kul basin


» Strengthening the economic and financial dimension of integrated water resources management in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Case study on the Kura river basin


» Draft OECD/EAP Task Force programme of work and budget for 2013

» Progress in implementing the EAP Task Force programme of work by the OECD Secretariat (October 2011 – September 2012)

Documents for information

» EAP Task Force long-term programme of work 2012-2015 

» Liability for Environmental Damage in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA): Implementation of good international practices

» Economic Significance of Natural Resources: Key points for reformers in EECCA 

» Green growth and Environmental Governance in EECCA

» Information for Sustainable Resource Management: Key points for reformers in EECCA

» Natural Resource Tenure: Key points for reformers in EECCA

» Summary Record of the Expert Meeting Improving Environmental Effectiveness of Economic Instruments in EECCA Countries, 5-6 March 2012, Warsaw, Poland 

» Summary Record, Expert Meeting on Launching Work on Environmentally-Harmful Subsidies in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, 30 March 2012, Paris, France

» Meeting Logistical note 











The meeting is hosted and co-sponsored by the Norwegian Government


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