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Greece faces an immense, perhaps unique and increasingly urgent challenge. It needs to reform in depth, reconciling emergency measures with long lasting reforms.


The future crucially depends on the government's ability to link short term austerity measures with a long term vision and structural reforms aimed at restoring growth and improving the population's welfare.


These reforms depend on a well functioning public administration. Strong measures, starting now, to improve the effectiveness, accountability and integrity of the public administration so that it is "fit for purpose" are a priority.


This report analyses the issues, sets out the evidence, and makes recommendations for moving forward rapidly to strengthen Greek public governance.


Table of contents

Chapter 1. The debt crisis and the role of the centre of government 
Chapter 2. General organisation of the central government
Chapter 3. Human resources
Chapter 4. Budget
Chapter 5. Policy development and implementation
Annex A. Map of Greece’s public sector
Annex B. List of ministries and policy fields considered in the mapping and the central public administration
Annex C. Aspects of the links between the central government and its supervised public sector entities
Annex D. Mapping methodology


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