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Terms of Use for collaborative platforms

The collaborative platforms of this website including Blog, polls, discussion groups, projects and comments on good practices are subject to the general Terms and Conditions of the OECD website.


The opinions expressed and arguments employed on the collaborative platforms of this website are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the OECD or its member countries.

The Organisation cannot be held responsible for possible violations of copyright resulting from the posting of any written material on the collaborative platforms of this website.

Your contribution is valuable, as is those of others. Following a few simple rules will ensure that the collaborative platforms of this website foster open and constructive dialogue. When contributing to the collaborative platforms of this website, please:

• Contribute in a civil and constructive way: abusive language or the transmission of obscene, offensive or illegal content is not accepted.

• Avoid spamming or posting material that is not related to the discussion topics.

• Refrain from advertising or posting commercial material.

• Do not post contributions under another person’s name.

• Do not use multiple logins.

• Note that the views expressed here can be personal views. Comments will not be construed as official positions of your employer unless stated explicitly.

• Only submit materials for which you hold a copyright.

• Act in good faith and assume others are doing so too. Please refrain from behavior which would lead disagreements to escalate into open conflict.

When using the collaborative platforms of this website, please keep in mind that the OECD Secretariat:

• Reserves the right to delete or to edit any contribution, and to take action against an account that violates these rules.

• Does not guarantee the validity of the information contributed by non-OECD sources.

• Will not respond systematically to each contribution.

• Will monitor the collaborative platforms’ content during OECD working hours (Paris time).

Privacy Policy

The Principles governing computerized personal data processing and on the Commission for computerized information and privacy apply to the collaborative platforms of this website.

Your personal information on the collaborative platforms of this website and when you sign up for them will not be disclosed to any outside parties. We will only disclose your personal information outside the OECD and the collaborative platforms of this website with your prior consent.


Members must not disclose another member’s personal information without that member’s prior consent. You can update your personal information here: [email protected].

Credit Attributions and Copyright Notices for Editorial Uses of Images:

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