Risk governance

3rd Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management


Which exercises to strengthen strategic crisis management?

12-13 June 2014, Geneva, Switzerland


The focus of the 3rd OECD/Swiss Federal Chancellery workshop on Strategic Crisis Management was to develop transboundary crisis management in support of country efforts to prepare for novel and unanticipated crises.


Periodic exercises and drills are crucial to robust crisis preparedness. The workshop looked at the design of strategic crisis management exercises, with a focus on international co-operation, the engagement of leaders, public and private partnerships and cyber threats.


In order to further develop capacity among the OECD network of strategic crisis managers, the workshop featured a role-playing exercise which focused on strengthening transboundary co-operation between governments, within governments and with the private sector to improve situation awareness of complex threats faced in modern and interconnected societies.


The workshop identified good practices and concrete examples across OECD countries to be featured in the policy toolkit that will support implementation of the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks.


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Keynote Presentation:
Prof. Edward P. Borodzicz
Unversity of Portsmouth, UK


Expert Panel 1: Transboundary crisis management exercise

Ambassador Kees Nederlof
Sherpa 2016 Nuclear Security Summit
Dr. Tarik Meziani
Civil Protection Unit, Council of the
European Union
Dr. Miriam Haritz
Federal Office of Civil Protection and
Disaster Assistance, Germany








 Expert Panel 2: Country practices on cyber threat exercises

Dr. Timo Harkonen
Director of Government Security,
Ms. Daniela Vorburger
Deputy Chief for Strategic Exercises,
Swiss Federal Chancellery
Mr. Ulrik Keller
Head of Section, Danish Emergency
Management Agency



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