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Supporting better regulation in Southeast Asia


SOUTHEAST ASIA: The OECD supports Southeast Asian countries to facilitate co-operation and strengthen regulatory reform efforts at the country and regional level, as well as through an active network of ASEAN and OECD senior better regulation officials. These initiatives comprise:


ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practice Network

Annual meeting between Southeast Asian and OECD senior better regulation officials to discuss regulatory reform.

See more information on the network and past meetings.


Country-level support

OECD supports South East Asian nations review and provide recommendations for improving their systems of regulatory governance, policy design and delivery.

Read about country level work here.


Regional-level work

OECD also supports Southeast Asian economies at the regional level with analytical reports on topics of regional interest and via longstanding engagements with regional organisations, such as ASEAN and APEC.

For more detail, refer here


For more information on our work and how the OECD can support Southeast Asian economies, see the brochure below:

SEA flyer 2021


Good regulatory practice in Southeast Asia


All 10 ASEAN member states have implemented GRPs but work remains to be done:



* “Required for some processes” is used to group several descriptions of implementation level. For more detail, see page 27 of Good Regulatory Practices to Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Southeast Asia (OECD, 2018).

See full list of events and publications.



For more information, please contact Mike Pfister and James Drummond, OECD Regulatory Policy Division.




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