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Press release: OECD recommends a clear strategy for Mexicans to feel the benefits of globalisation


Mexico, 24 October 2018


During the Forum on Competition and Regulation “In the Search for Market Efficiency”, the Secretary-General of the OECD Ángel Gurría presented the report “Review of International Regulatory Co-operation of Mexico.”


Globalisation impacts the everyday lives of citizens, businesses and countries worldwide. The technical revolutions of the past 30 years and the deepening of global production chains have amplified the integration of the world economy. As a result, the rapid flow of goods, services, people and finance across borders is testing the effectiveness and the capacity of domestic regulatory frameworks. Both the quality of new regulatory measures and their effective enforcement are under strain. OECD regulatory policy work highlights that international regulatory co-operation (IRC) is fundamental to regulate in a globalized world.


The Review of International Regulatory Co-operation of Mexico provides the first OECD assessment of a country’s IRC framework and practices. The OECD finds that Mexico stands out for its commitment to and de facto active use of a variety of IRC approaches. Mexico’s active efforts to embrace globalisation are reflected in many aspects of its domestic policies, practices and institutions. Mexico has put in place innovative mechanisms to integrate international considerations in the everyday work of regulators, through regulatory improvement disciplines. At the same time, the Mexican government as well as individual regulators co-operate actively on regulatory matters at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.


And yet, as in all countries, globalisation has not yet fully permeated the everyday work of regulators. The OECD identifies three broad areas to support Mexico build on its already advanced IRC framework to achieve better outcomes:

  • Developing a clear strategy for IRC shared across the government, to encourage a more systematic consideration of international instruments and practices in the development of Mexican regulations, and the opportunities to co-operate with foreign peers;
  • Informing all Mexican regulators on IRC tools available to them, their applicability in different contexts and the benefits to be gained from conducting IRC more systematically;
  • Providing the necessary guidance and infrastructure to ensure that IRC is effectively implemented.


The OECD recommendations aim to help Mexican ministries and regulatory agencies develop state of the art regulations that are fit for purpose for the global player that Mexico has become, ultimately allowing the country to boost foreign trade and reap the benefits of globalisation for its population.


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Over 450 attendees comprising officials from government ministries and agencies from federal, state and municipal level, academics, experts from industry and business, and students.

Speakers included experts from international and national organisations.



  • Standard setting and competition in Mexico
  • Review of the International Regulatory Co-operation of México
  • Market examinations in Mexico (cheese and yogurt; poultry and pork meat)
  • Scan of reforms for enhancing the business environment in Mexico
  • Enhancing the confidence of consumers and foreign partners through better implementation of regulations
  • Competition review of the natural gas and LP sectors
  • Ex post regulatory assessment
  • Actions for damages in competition cases
  • Digital platforms





Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD in Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RLAC

Celine Kauffmann, Deputy Head of Division, Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD

Marianna Karttunen, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD, @Marianna_KSB

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist at the OECD, @M_GerardoFlores


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