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Regulatory policy is a core part of the OECD’s work, touching aspects in every sector of the economy and affecting the everyday life of business and citizens. It is important that governments ensure that what they do in economic and social affairs is efficient and effective. Through the use of regulations, laws, and other instruments, governments intervene in the economy in pursuit of their objectives.


Policy Principles

Cover of the 2012 Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance‌‌

The OECD 2012 Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance sets the current thinking of how to effectively implement regulatory policy in countries, based on the experiences of the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). The 2012 Recommendation is the most detailed set of guidelines or principles that the OECD has developed in the field of regulatory policy.


The OECD Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC)

The Regulatory Policy Committee was created by the OECD Council on 22 October 2009 to assist member and non-member countries in building and strengthening their regulatory policy of reform efforts. The RPC assists members and partners to promote strategic, evidence-based and innovative public policy outcomes, supporting efforts across governments to design and deliver effective regulatory frameworks. It examines what governments and regulatory agencies do and how they seek to improve regulatory reform.  By providing information, overseeing and directing the Secretariat’s work, the Committee gives strategic direction to the Organisation’s overall perspective on regulatory policy, and how it can contribute to achieving the Organisation’s broader goals. 


The Network of Economic Regulators (NER)

The OECD Network of Economic Regulators is an open and unique forum that promotes dialogue across regulators operating in different sectors and countries from across the world. It brings together regulators with responsibilities for communications, energy, transport and water, in addition to other economic, competition, consumer, environment and safety issues. Members  share their experiences, discuss challenges, identify innovative solutions, and balance the competing priorities that frame the features of a “world class regulator”. 


Bureau members

RPC Bureau members and NER Bureau members are designated each year to represent the RPC and the NER. They provide detailed direction to the OECD Secretariat on issues of management and planning of the programme of work.


The OECD Regulatory Policy Division

The Regulatory Policy Division is part of the OECD Public Governance Directorate (GOV). It serves as the Secretariat of the Regulatory Policy Committee and carries out its programme of work. The Regulatory Policy Division works with member and non-member countries to support the implementation of good regulatory practices.


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