Public governance

Public Governance: A matter of trust


Confidence in national government has plummeted in some countries

From 2007 to 2014 on average, confidence in national governments across OECD countries declined 3.4 p.p. from 45.2% to 41.8%. The steepest decline was 30 p.p. while the highest increase was 25 p.p.

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Government data is increasingly open to innovation

The proactive release of open government data is helping to transform public services at the national and subnational levels. In addition to making data available to citizens, countries that rank the highest also report a higher level of data re-use and creation of applications.

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The judgment is mixed for judicial system satisfaction

On average across OECD countries, just over half (54%) of citizens reported having confidence in their country’s judicial system and courts. Significant differences exist across OECD countries with 80% satisfaction in the highest-ranked countries and less than 20% in the lowest ranked.

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For many, no urgent issues in health care satisfaction

A vast majority of people in most OECD countries are satisfied with the availability of quality health services in the area where they live. On average, 71% of people reported being satisfied with their health care system in 2014.

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On average, education systems and schools pass the test in satisfaction

On average, across OECD countries, about 67% of citizens reported being satisfied with their education system and schools however with a 38-percentage-point difference between the top and bottom-ranked countries.

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