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OECD Recommendation

Ensure an adequate degree of transparency of the public procurement system in all stages of the procurement.


  • Promote fair and equitable treatment for potential suppliers by providing an adequate and timely degree of transparency in each phase of the public procurement cycle.
  • Allow free access, through and online portal, for all stakeholders, including potential domestic and foreign suppliers, civil society and the general public, to public procurement information.
  • Ensure visibility of the flow of public funds, from the beginning of the budgeting process throughout the public procurement cycle.


Risks to public procurement related to transparency include:

  • Cases of mismanagement, fraud and corruption related to the lack of transparency and disclosure of information around public procurement processes 
  • Distorted competition in case interested suppliers do not have access to the same type of information
  • A decrease of public confidence and trust in governments in case goods and services are poor quality, inappropriate or costly or if information on public procurement processes is lacking