Public employment and management

Links to Websites on Human Resources Management


Below are links to websites related to human resources management in OECD member countries. If you wish to have your organisation linked or know of other websites that should be listed, please send us an e-mail with the URL location.


Australian Public Service Commission


Public Service Commission of Canada


Danish School of Public Administration


Ministry of Finance

Finnish Institute of Public Management


École nationale d'administration


Ministry of Finance


Department of Finance


Civil Service Commission

Ministry of Government Administration and Security

New Zealand

State Services Commission


Institute for Organisation and Personnel, University of Bern

United Kingdom

Civil Service

Institute for Employment Studies

United States

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

International Associations, Organisations and Research Centres

Association for Human Resources Management in International Organisations

Federation of European Employers

International Public Management Association for Human Resources

United Nations Public Administration Network

The World Bank - Administrative & Civil Service Reform

The World Federation of Personnel Management Associations

The OECD is not responsible for the content of external internet sites, and does not endorse their content. The OECD has provided links to these pages because they contain information that may be of interest to our readers.


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