Public employment and management



Today’s civil service leaders are increasingly called upon not only to be effective target managers, but also to be inspiring, transformative leaders capable of driving innovation while maintaining the highest standards of accountability, integrity and transparency.  


OECD's work on leadership in the public sector

The OECD is mapping the changing expectations on senior civil servants, and assessing what kind of skills and competencies are needed to meet these expectations. This includes the following themes:


    • Leadership skills and competencies required to drive innovation, public value and organisational health in modern public sector environments

    • The use of evidence such as employee surveys to address leadership challenges and promote employee engagement

    • Development programmes and practices to build the leadership cadre of the future

    • HRM at senior levels: how civil services attract, select and manage the careers of their top civil servants

    • Performance and accountability at senior levels and alignment with organisational performance objectives

    • The political administrative interface: managing the relationship between elected officials and career civil servants

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Engaging Public Employees for a High-Performing Civil Service






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