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Governing for Performance in the Public Sector, OECD/Germany High-level Symposium


The OECD and the German Government organised a joint Symposium on "Governing for Performance" on 13-14 March 2002, in Berlin.

Performance in the public sector has been an important issue in OECD Member countries over the past two decades. OECD member countries have initiated a variety of performance-related policies. There are three different levels on which to examine the performance issue; the "whole-of-government" level, the organisational level, and the individual level.

The Symposium enabled senior managers to discuss practical experience and exchange lessons in governing for performance, by addressing issues such as managing individual performance, incentive systems for performance, linkages between employees and organisational performance, and leadership for higher performance. To avoid making the scope of the Symposium too wide, however, the whole-of-government level performance was notexamined. The Symposium focused on individual and organisational level performance, taking also into account recent experience in local government and the private sector.

Programme of the Symposium (pdf)

Country reports:

Working for Results: the American Experience in Enhancing Government Performance

How to Manage Individual Performance -- United Kingdom Country Report

Improvement of Managment and the Salary System at Finnish Customs

Strengthening the Pay-Performance Link in Government -- A Case Study of Korea

Performance Management Programme in the Canadian Federal Public Service

For further information on this event, please contact Mr. Deok-Seob Shim at the OECD Secretariat (phone: +33 1 45 24 17 58, e-mail: [email protected])


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