The OECD has developed guidance on good institutional practices to support Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD). Drawing on the OECD’s experiences and lessons learned, the guidance offers recommendations to support governments and stakeholders to enhance PCSD at the national level.

The guidance is in line with the OECD Recommendation on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development. It is focused on three core pillars and organised across 8 Building Blocks:

1) Strategic vision, commitment and leadership


strategic vision underpinned by political commitment and leadership to enhance policy coherence for sustainable development

Political Commitment

 Strategic Long-term       Vision

Policy Integration

2) Coordinated action across sectors and government levels


Effective institutional mechanisms to address policy interactions across sectors and align actions between levels of government

Policy Coordination

Local and Regional Involvement

Stakeholder Engagement

3) Impacts and informed decision-making


A set of tools to anticipate, assess and address domestic, transboundary and long-term impacts of policies

Policy and Financing Impacts

Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation