We support governments in connecting policy silos to address global challenges and accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The OECD Knowledge Platform on PCSD is a participative web-based platform, bringing together relevant knowledge resources on policy coherence for sustainable development from across the OECD with those of partners from all stakeholders groups, including from governmental and non-governmental national, regional, or international organisations, civil society, academia, and the private sector.

  1. Institutional capacity and skills

    • Principles and standards
    • Thematic guidance
    • Online Practical Guidance
    • Interactive Self-Assessment Tool
    • Online learning tools
    • Civil Service capacity for SDGs
    • Implementation tools and advice
  2. Country practices and support

    • Inventory of good country practices and case studies on PCSD
    • Country profiles: Institutional mechanisms for PCSD
    • Country support
  3. Analysis and data

    • Online repository of knowledge resource
    • Thematic reviews
    • Monitoring methodological framework
  4. Partnerships and peer-learning

    • International initiatives
    • PCSD Partnership [SDG17.14]
    • Regional initiatives
    • International Events

    • PILLAR 1
    • Institutional capacity and skills
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    • PILLAR 2
    • Country practices and support
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    • PILLAR 3
    • Analysis and data
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    • PILLAR 4
    • Partnerships and peer learning
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