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OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2018

This report looks at how regions and cities across the OECD are progressing towards stronger economies, higher quality of life for their citizens and more inclusive societies. This edition presents regional and metropolitan updates for more than 40 indicators to assess disparities within countries and their evolution since the turn of the new millennium. The report covers all OECD countries and, where data is available, Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Lithuania, Peru, the Russian Federation, Tunisia and South Africa. Three new features characterise this edition. First, an assessment migrant integration, based on new indicators produced for OECD regions. Second, recent trends on entrepreneurship in regions, with new indicators on creation and destruction of firms and on the jobs associated with such dynamics. Third, an assessment of socio-economic conditions, inequalities and poverty in metropolitan areas and their neighbourhoods.

Published on October 09, 2018

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SUMMARIESavailable in 26 languages

English OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2018 (Summary in English)
French Panorama des régions et des villes de l’OCDE
Spanish Panorama OCDE 2018 de las Regiones y ciudades
German OECD Regionen und Städte auf einen Blick 2018
Japanese 図表で見る地域と都市 2018年版
Italian Uno sguardo sulle regioni e città OCSE 2018
Chinese 2018年OECD地区和城市概览
Czech Letmý pohled na regiony a města v roce 2018
Danish OECD’s regioner og byer i hovedtræk 2018
Dutch OESO Regio’s en Steden Overzicht 2018
Estonian OECD regioonid ja linnad lähivaates 2018
Finnish OECD:n alue- ja kaupunkikatsaus 2018
Greek ΟΟΣΑ Περιφέρειες και Πόλεις με μια ματιά 2018
Hebrew מבט אל אזורי וערי ה-OECD לשנת 2018
Hungarian OECD régiós és városi körkép 2018
Icelandic OECD byggðir og borgir í hnotskurn 2018
Korean 2018년도 OECD 지역 및 도시 개요
Latvian OECD Reģionu un pilsētu apskats 2018
Norwegian OECD-rapport om regioner og byer 2018
Polish Regiony i miasta OECD w zarysie 2018
Portuguese Panorama das Regiões e Cidades da OCDE 2018
Russian Панорама регионов и городов ОЭСР 2018
Slovak Prehľad o regiónoch a mestách OECD 2018
Slovene Pogled OECD na regije in mesta 2018
Swedish OECD:s regions- och stadsöversikt 2018
Turkish 2018 Tek Bakışta OECD Bölgeleri ve Şehirleri


Editorial: Regions and cities – seizing their potential for stronger productivity and well-being
Executive summary
Reader's guide
Regions as drivers of national competitiveness10 chapters available
Changing patterns of regional disparities
Regional economic disparities and regional convergence
Productivity differences and productivity growth in regions
Where do productivity gains occur?
Spatial productivity differences within and across regions
Innovation in regions: R&D and patents
Entrepreneurship in regions
Rural-urban differences in firm creations
Capital regions as drivers of economic activity and firm creations
New firms' employment creation in regions
Well-being in regions9 chapters available
Access to services
Household income
Housing conditions
Health status
Civic engagement and governance
Population dynamics and inclusiveness in regions9 chapters available
Regional population and changes over time
Elderly dependency ratios in regions
Population mobility among regions
Regional foreign-born population and changes over time
Foreign-born population by age and dependency ratios in regions
The integration of migrants across regions: Education outcomes
The integration of migrants across regions: Labour market outcomes
Gender differences in education and labour market outcomes
Female migrant integration in the labour market
Cities and national economies8 chapters available
City population in OECD countries
Suburbanisation and land-use within metropolitan areas
Contribution of metropolitan areas to national economies
Household income in metropolitan areas
Income inequality and poverty in cities
Income segregation in cities
Access to services in cities
Air quality in cities
Subnational government finance and investment9 chapters available
Subnational government spending
Subnational government expenditure by category
Subnational government expenditure by economic function
Spending responsibilities across levels of government
Subnational government investment
Subnational government investment by function
Subnational government investment: Trends and challenges
Subnational government revenue
Subnational government debt
Annexes4 chapters available
Defining regions and functional urban areas
Sources and data description
Indexes and estimation techniques
Subnational government finance
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