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Quality Management System in use at the Lubuskie Province Marshall's Office in Zielona Góra

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Bogdan Nowak

Published On: 16 June 2017

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Organisation: Lubuskie Province Marshall's Office in Zielona Góra

Country: Poland

Level of government: Regional/State government

Sector: General public services

Type: Public Service

Launched in: 2004

Overall development time: 6 month(s)

Introduction of effective and through-out procedures developed on the basis of ISO standard guidelines and recommendations.  The relevant necessary documents have been prepared, all Office staff and internal auditors have been trained. Control of documents and records has been put in place, asset management has been systematized, goods realisation and consistent measurement processes have been determined. A process based approach to managing the organisation has been assumed.

Why the innovation was developed

  • To better satisfy the need and demands of customers and to ensure their satisfaction


Improve service quality, Improve user satisfaction

  • Benefits (image improvement, increased customer trust, promotion, more efficient management, documentation in order, accurate task identification, improved performance, development of how to proceed standards). Increased trustworthiness in relationships with customers. Improved internal communication and document circulation.

Main beneficiaries

General population, Government staff

  • The Office position as a significant regional local government public institution has been consolidated. Appropriate and professional customer service has been assured. Customer trust has increased.
  • Office internal organization and functioning has improved. Resource management has been systematized. Procedures have been standardized.

Existing similar practices

Integrated Quality Management SystemIn public administration of my countryMałopolskie Province Marshall's Office
The Integrated System comprises a Quality Management System, Information Safety Management System, Corruption Threat Prevention System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System



Service quality

  • Improvement in the quality of performed tasks, attested to by the correctness of issued administrative acts and legal acts (Board and Regional Assembly [Sejmik]).
  • More internal auditors. In 2014 14 employees were trained, currently there are 30 employees with an internal auditor's license at the Office.

User satisfaction

  • A small number of complaints pertaining to the functioning of the Office (in 2016 a total of 59 complaints and request were filed, out of which only 3 pertained to the functioning of the Office and only one was a justified complaint.

Other improvements

Results not available yet


The Management Board of the Lubuskie Province wanted to implement an innovative management tool and decided to implement Quality Management System. Therefore, the Board has taken action to implement the tool by adopting appropriate resolution.


Tools used:
  • IT system for creating and publishing procedures.
Resources used:
  • Employees of the Office
  • External Firm - tender

Challenges and solutions

  • Initial difficulties in convincing employees that the implemented innovation is to help them in the performance of everyday tasks.
  • Training sessions were carried held within this scope (all employees were trained). Benefits stemming from implementing innovation were presented. All internal legal acts and other documents required by Office employees have been published on the System's intranet page so that employees become acquainted with the new solution.


DGA S.A. - currently Blue Energy Sp. z o.o.
Private sector
Preparation for the certification process.

Lessons Learned

  • Initial difficulties in convincing employees that the implemented innovation is to help them in the performance of everyday tasks.

Conditions for success

  • Employee commitment. Management commitment. Employees have to realise that the quality management system is useful to them in the performance of everyday duties.