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KAFO – Kuwait’s Achievers for future opportunities

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An innovation provided by

Fatemah AlMosawi
965 99955897

Published On: 31 March 2017

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Organisation: Al Diwan Al Amiri

Country: Kuwait

Level of government: Central government

Sector: General public services

Type: Communication, Data, Digital, Human Resources, Partnerships, Public Service

Launched in: 2016

Overall development time: 20 month(s)

A national e- platform that enables the search, connection and collaboration among achievers in Kuwait for better future opportunities, building networks for knowledge sharing and communities around common interests.

Why the innovation was developed

  • The project was developed to meet youth aspirations as per the recommendations of the National Youth Project, which was initiated by HH the Amir of Kuwait Shaik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah from 2012 to 2013 as a nationwide campaign to outreach to youth and involve them in the national development plans.
  • The main objective of the project is to have access to Kuwaiti achievers and talents, through a platform, that can showcase their efforts and empower them to achieve more and collaborate with others. As they are the real assets of Kuwait and the hope for its future.


Develop staff capacity, Improve user satisfaction, Increase citizen engagement, Other

  • Showcase young achievers and connect them to opportunities

Main beneficiaries

Academia, Businesses, Civil Society, Government bodies, Government staff, Students, Young people



Service quality

  • Registration on the platform relies on civil identification number which ensures that users sign in with their actual identifiers for a safer environment and interactions.
  • Several measures are put into place to also ensure from hiding personal information to the public as allowing easy communication and the reporting of abuse or spam

User satisfaction

  • Great care has been employed when developing the features to accommodate ease of use as well the overall experience of the platform.
  • More data is to be collected on the use but as a current example the level of communication on the platform is determined by user preference through the profile setting features to accommodate different users

Other improvements

  • Feedback from existing users at this testing stage as well as being approached by several media agencies who expressed interest in coverage. There have been few media appearances within the current phase, with a full-fledged media coverage planned during the official launch.

Results not available yet


The initial development of the idea started with Dr Yousef AlEbraheem, An Advisor at Al Diwan Al Amiri, believing in youth potential, he assigned a team to further research and develop the concept ,which included a series of focus groups, meeting with specialists and youth, and testing sessions.Design time: 4 month(s)


  • A beta version was launched and testing sessions conducted using students and professional users (atotal of 400 users) to give feedback on ease of use and understanding of the concept.
Testing time: 6 month(s)


Tools used:
  • The platform is still in its development phase and currently users have been targeted on a small scale to register in preparation for the launch. Feedback have been extremely positive with word of mouth spreading about this much needed solution.
Resources used:
  • A team has been assigned for this project with regular contact with youth and entrepreneurs to meet the demands of users and create a product that would address the needs of achievers.
  • n/a

Challenges and solutions

  • Initial challenge was in communicating the objectives and why people would want to be part of this platforms? Through a series of meetings, the product including the communication material was enhanced for better communication of the concept.
  • Also the focus on feedback and including different opinions increase enthusiasm for youth to join in and feel themselves to be part of the development process.
  • Another challenge was to follow up with testers and organize the testing sessions and focus group. This was handled through young and professional volunteers who are eager to see such a solution reach its optimal potential.


Ministry of youth affairs, Public Authority for civil information, Kuwait university as well as experts from various fields and entities we are in the process of collaborating
Academics and Research Bodies, Civil Society, Other Public Sector, Private sector
It enhanced design and contributed towards concept development as we were meeting regularly with beneficiaries to ensure features were meeting their needs

Lessons Learned

  • Concept development has been directed by the users and focused on inclusion as well as collaborating with different entities focusing on the unique added value and integration. The platform aims at synergizing efforts and operates in a noncompeting manner with any other government agencies nor with the private sector

Conditions for success

  • This initiative is supported by H.H. the Amir and is a result of his vision of empowering youth to achieve and open opportunities for each other. This vision is being realized through their feedback and involving them in the process of concept development. Feedback has been phenomenal so far that includes the sense of pride that the Amir is giving special attention to youth achievements.