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Campus of the Future

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An innovation provided by

José María de Lapuerta Montoya
34 917339265

Published On: 19 June 2017

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Organisation: UPM. Master in City Sciences

Country: Spain

Level of government: Local government

Sector: Education

Type: Public Service

Launched in: 2015

The UPM Campus of the Future goes beyond being a bare sustainable strategic plan for a University Campus. It is rather an opportunity to gather stakeholders under the same framework of principles,
providing them with the missing tools, and enabling them to create added value to the community’s wellbeing. By integrating innovative strategies at CITY LEVEL within the UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, UPM will be
taken to the next level, gaining recognition as one of the best educational institutions worldwide, and providing its students, faculty and staff with the best development opportunities possible.

Why the innovation was developed

  • Universities and research centers are globally regarded as key factors for present and future sustainable economic development through innovation.
  • This project will develop a true partnership scheme for affiliated companies, allowing them to join specialists from private companies together with scientists andtechnologists from the University.
  • Thereby, UPM is dedicated to attracting worldwide knowledge through an urban lab in which the university itself, the administration and private entrepreneurship will foster innovation in a holistic fashion.


Develop staff capacity, Enhance public trust, Enhance transparency, Improve effectiveness, Improve efficiency, Improve service quality, Support economic growth

  • Campus Moncloa is the main campus of the city of Madrid. The majority of schools and colleges of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the Politecnica University of Madrid (UPM) are located there. The key strategy is to take advantage of all fields that influence the city in order to reveal synergies between them that will be later applied on the Campus. This roadmap is focused on the use of all innovative fields of the city in order to multiply the positive impacts on the Campus.

Main beneficiaries

Academia, Businesses, General population, Government staff, Students



Service quality


User satisfaction

Other improvements

Results not available yet


UPM Campus of the Future is framed in the City of the Future initiative, lead by Professor Javier Uceda and the Master in City Sciences, lead by Professor Jose Maria de Lapuerta. Both of them attempting to integrate innovation in cities within university activities.



UPM City of the Future. UPM Master in City Sciences. UPM Campus Moncloa
Academics and Research Bodies, Other Public Sector
Campus of the Future aims to tie as many bonds as possible. Campus of the Future’s initiative blossomed from the collaboration between the City of the Future initiative and the Master in City Sciences program,
which already count with UPM support, however the intention is to gather further gubernamental and private initiatives in the coming years.

Conditions for success

  • A careful consideration on the following topics was of utmost importance in the Campus of the Future project: participation, energy, building, waste, water, transport, ICT, economy, education, society. We believe that any initiative at a city level should take into account these aspects.