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OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation


What is public sector innovation?

Public sector innovation is both an imperative and an opportunity for governments today.  It is about using new approaches, from policy design to service delivery, to improve the performance and responsiveness of the public sector.

The upcoming OECD conference "Innovating the Public Sector: from Ideas to Impact" (12-13 November 2014) will bring together public sector practitioners, researchers, civil society and businesses to discuss how innovation can help solve today's complex challenges.


Did you know?

  • By means of the innovative approach “New Ways of Working” focusing on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, rescheduling working time and rethinking office space, the Federal Public Service of Mobility and Transport in Belgium will be able to end the lease contract for one of its buildings in 2014 saving up to 1.7 million Euros per year.
  • In rural areas of Mexico, citizens can receive government welfare payments in community-owned stores, gas stations and telecommunications offices.
  • In Denmark, savings of up to 70% are expected by moving public service transactions from face-to-face service delivery to online self-service channels only.

What is the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation doing?

The OECD has developed an Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) which collects and analyses examples and shared experiences of public sector innovation to provide practical advice to countries on how to make innovations work. The OPSI does this by:


Inspiring Connecting Promoting


Providing a unique collection of innovations from across the world, through an online platform, to inspire innovators in other countries. Building a network of innovators, both virtually and in person through events and conferences to share experiences. Turning analysis of concrete cases into practical guidance on how to source, develop, support and diffuse innovations across the public sector.

Interested in getting involved?


The Observatory is led by a Task Force of 21 OECD countries, chaired by Canada and France. The Task Force meets twice a year to discuss the direction of the Observatory as well as its operational and analytical aspects.

An Associate Group drawn from academia, non-governmental organisations, commercial organisations and their philanthropic foundations, serves as a knowledge resource that the Observatory can tap into to capture a wide range of experience and research that is relevant to public sector innovation but exists beyond national governments. 

If your country is interested in being part of the Task Force, or if you have expertise that you think could benefit the Observatory's work, please contact:



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