Poster Competition


The challenge
To create a poster reflecting the challenge of fixing government to include more voices in public decisions and help address growing income inequality. Using the powerful poster format, you are invited to express your unique views and ideas on how we can change the rules so that everyone can have access to better public services (such as schools and healthcare) and a better life (through less unemployment, better jobs and job satisfaction, less discrimination and more opportunities for all). 

The prize
Winning posters will be displayed in an exclusive poster gallery during the OECD Ministerial Meeting in Helsinki on October 27-28, 2015 bringing together ministers and high-level officials from countries around the world. 

To enter
For your poster entry to be eligible, you must be 15-25 years old during the period of the competition (Competition closes on 21 October, 2015).

After the competition closes at midnight on 21 October 2015, qualifying poster submissions will be judged on adherence to the competition challenge through their creativity, originality, message content and overall presentation.

Terms & conditions
Please read the terms and conditions and send a signed declaration along with your entry.

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