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Infrastructure and Public Procurement - Webinar series - 2020 edition


Series of webinars on infrastructure and public procurement experiences and responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis 

19 June 2020 - Strategic planning of infrastructure for the recovery phase

This webinar focused on infrastructure strategic planning as a means to pursue economic and social recovery following the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The panel shared current thinking from OECD countries and key partners and identified possible avenues for designing and implementing infrastructure programmes that many countries plan to develop.


 • Mr. Mark Enzer, Head of the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) and Chair of the Digital Transformation Task Group, United Kingdom, see the presentation

 • Dr. Georgios Katapodis, Chairman of the Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA), Greece, see the presentation

 • Ms. Margaret O’Donnell, Assistant Principal, Investment Projects and Programmes Office, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland, see the presentation

 • Mr. Pedro de Abreu e Lima Florencio, Deputy Special Secretary, Casa Civil, Brazil 

Ms. Lisa Mitchell, Senior Director, Investment, Partnership and Innovation at Infrastructure Canada, see the presentation


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4 June 2020 - Public Procurement responses to the COVID-19: Lessons and Experiences from countries

This webinar provided an overview of the strategies and measures taken by OECD countries, such as Ireland, Korea, Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Australia to respond to the extremely urgent needs of their citizens during the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis. The panel reflected on the need for more strategic use of collaborative purchasing approaches and centralisation during a worldwide pandemic. Panellists also discussed the new experimental ways governments used for engaging with the market to find innovative solutions for their needs and to mitigate risks of the disruptive supply chains.

Download the full AGENDA and an extract of the Q&A session.


• Mr. John Ivil, Chair of the Working Party of Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement


Ms. Marzena Rogalska, Director, Directorate for Public Procurement, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), European Commission, see the presentation


 • Ms. Karen English, Director of International Procurement and Trade, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand 

 • Mr. Paul Quinn, Government CPO and CEO, Office of Government Procurement, Ireland, see the presentation

 • Ms. Angela Russo, Consip, Italy

 • Mr. Heehoon Kang, Director of International Co-operation Division, Public Procurement Service, Korea, see the presentation

 • Mr. Glenn Bain, Chair, Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), Australia

 • Mr. Lars Ohse, Head of the Central Purchasing Body of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 

27 May 2020 - Management of Ongoing Infrastructure Contracts

This webinar provided an overview of the challenges, strategies, guidelines and measures taken by OECD countries, namely Colombia, Japan, France and the United Kingdom to manage ongoing infrastructure contracts during the COVID-19 crisis. Likewise, the panel reflected on the needs of the private sector and the role they could play in mitigating the effect of the crisis. Panellists discussed temporary measures adopted to sustain infrastructure contracts in the short-term, as well as the considerations for the long-lasting effects that the disruptions in transport and mobility may cause in ongoing infrastructure contracts. 

 Download the AGENDA and SUMMARY.


• Mr. Diego Morales, Planning Vice-President, National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), Colombia, see the presentation

• Mr. Matthew Vickerstaff, Deputy CEO & Head of Project Finance, Infrastructure and Projects Authority, United Kingdom

• Mr. Pierre Antoine Rohan, Projects Director, Mission d'appui au Financement des Infrastructures (FinInfra), Direction Générale Trésor, France

• Ms. Setsuko Saya, Executive Fellow, Overseas Construction Association of Japan, inc, see the presentation

• Mr. Salim Bensmail, Group Managing Director, for Strategy and Partnerships, John Laing Group, United Kingdom

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