Supporting Digital Transformation of the Justice System in Morocco (Morocco Country Programme 2021-22)


The Ministry of Justice of Morocco has underlined its willingness to work with the OECD in the process of digitising the Moroccan justice system as part of its Country Programme (2021-22). This project draws on the recommendations of the Digital Government Review of Morocco (2018) and will bring the Moroccan justice system closer to its commitments under the 2030 Agenda and SDG 16.3 to promote the rule of law and ensure equal access to justice. Taking as close reference and building on the ambitious strategic plan Schéma Directeur de la transformation digitale du système judiciaire au Maroc recently launched by the Ministry of Justice, the OECD will support its implementation through peer-to-peer learning sessions, capacity-building workshops and hands-on support through an international expert with vast experience in the field of digitalisation of justice systems.


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