Public governance


G20 survey on Agile approaches to the regulatory governance of innovation

Report for the G20 Digital Economy Tak Force, Trieste, Italy, August 2021

The report on the G20 Survey on Agile Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Innovation showcases ongoing efforts of G20 governments to revisit how they regulate in today’s fast-paced global innovation landscape. Survey results show that G20 members are keenly aware of the far-reaching implications of innovation in terms of both challenges and opportunities for regulatory policy and governance. In line with the OECD Recommendation on Agile Regulatory Governance to Harness Innovation, they are taking important steps in that respect. To facilitate mutual learning as well as the diffusion of good practices, the present report provides a range of examples of the measures adopted by governments in order to accommodate innovation-driven disruption while upholding fundamental rights, democratic values and the rule of law, and ensuring a sufficient level of protection for citizens and the environment.

Published on August 05, 2021