Principle 8

Strengthen international co-operation with other governments

Key Issues

  • ICT Talent and areas of expertise are unevenly distributed across borders
  • International co-operation provides the opportunity to bridge the gaps between more and less digitally-advanced societies.
  • Co-operation can facilitate sharing skills, knowledge and experiences
  • In a context of growing interdependence, countries progressively develop sophisticated cross-border services for citizens and businesses


Digital government strategies would benefit from strengthened international co-operation between countries.

International ICT co-operation between governments is important to:

  • Better serve citizens and businesses across borders
  • Maximise the benefits resulting from peer-learning
  • Guarantee early knowledge sharing
  • Foster international co-ordination of digital government strategies and policies

International co-operation can be strengthened by sharing:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experiences

Cross-border services enable increased:

  • Integration
  • Information
  • Data sharing
  • Productivity


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