Principle 6

Coherent use of digital technology across policy areas

Key Issues

  • Achieving coherence across policy areas and levels of government in complex institutional realities
  • Ensuring ownership of a common vision and objectives for public sector digitalisation activities across policy areas and levels of government
  • Setting up effective organisational arrangements and co-ordination mechanisms that facilitate coherence.


A significant share of benefits of digital government policies and initiatives can only be achieved through the coherent use of technologies.  

The process of defining a common vision for digital government should include:

  • Users of public services (citizens and businesses)
  • Service providers (sector ministries and agencies)
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Government employees

Digital Government strategies should be informed by:

  • The assessment of the national context
  • The level of sophistication of ICT deployment in the public sector
  • The overall societal uptake of online opportunities

Ensure co-ordination with strategies covering other policy areas, like:

  • Information Society Strategy
  • Information Economy Strategy
  • Public Sector Reform Programs
  • e-health
  • e-procurement

The alignment of strategic choices on ICT investments is important to:

  • Ensure efficient and sustainable approaches consistent with the national vision
  • Facilitate joint investments and initiatives needed to achieve results
  • Highlight the potential impact of ICT on a number of policy objectives