Principle 12

Legal and regulatory framework

Key Issues

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory frameworks that enable the digital transformation of government
  • Governments should regularly update legal and regulatory frameworks
  • The recognition of digital rights in a context of rapid digitalisation of society


The digital transformation can be either facilitated or delayed by existing legal and regulatory frameworks. This principle highlights the need to assure a normative framework that serves as an enabler for digital government.

International co-operation can be strengthened by sharing:

  • The rules for digital interactions with public authorities
  • The choice of service delivery tools and mechanisms
  • The division of responsibilities across the public sector
  • The institutional context in which the digital transformation will have to develop

Periodical revision of legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure:

  • Coherence and effective support to ICT project implementation
  • Adaptation to a rapidly changing technological and social environment

The regulatory improvements should: 

  • Simplify the regulatory requirements
  • Ensure legal equivalence of paper-based and online processes and signature
  • Streamline procedures
  • Facilitate sharing of data and resources across agencies



Good practices