Principle 11

Procurement of digital technologies

Key Issues

  • Adapting ICT procurement and contracting rules to make them compatible with current trends in technology and modern methods of ICT deployment
  • Fostering the development of shared ICT services and resources in a context of distributed responsibilities
  • Capabilities reinforcement is needed to improve ICT Public Procurement


Principle 11 underlines the importance of reviewing procurement rules and creating an ICT-acquisition environment and strategy that supports the digital transformation of the public sector. 

Intelligent ICT procurement:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Supports innovation and sharing
  • Helps achieving the national digital government strategy

Capability is needed to:

  • Identify common needs across the public sector
  • Changes in procurement and contracting rules
  • Set clear frameworks and responsibilities

Public procurement should be adapted to new trends in technology and ICT deployment methods, namely:

  • Cloud computing
  • New forms of PPPs
  • Open source software
  • Service contracts with the private sector

Failure to address these issues accurately exposes governments to:

  • Efficiency shortcomings
  • Untapped opportunities for public sector innovation
  • Financial risks through project failure.



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