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Recommendation on Principles for Independent Fiscal Institutions

The Recommendation aims to assist countries in the design and governance of effective independent fiscal institutions (independent parliamentary budget offices or fiscal councils), that are viable over the long run in their mandate to provide authoritative and non-partisan analysis of public finances.

The 22 principles cover:

  • Local ownership
  • Independence and non-partisanship
  • Mandate
  • Resources
  • Relationship with the legislature
  • Access to information
  • Transparency
  • Communications
  • External evaluation

In January 2022 the OECD published a Report on the implementation of the Recommendation which found that it has been widely applied, and used to introduce reforms or to design new institutions.

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Recommendation IFI

Other Good Practices

The OECD Working Party of Parliamentary Budgeting Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions develops supplementary materials on good practices related to areas of the Recommendation and to core IFI functions.

Access to information for IFIs (2020)

Benchmarks for Independent Fiscal Institutions: Long-term Fiscal Sustainability Analysis (2017)

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