Budgeting and public expenditures

7th annual meeting of the OECD Senior Budget Officials network on performance and results (2011)


The 7th annual meeting of the OECD network on performance and results took place on 9-10 November 2011 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.

The meeting was chaired by Christian Kastrop, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany.


Agenda [GOV/PGC/SBO/A(2011)8]:


Wednesday 9 November 2011


Session 1: Strategies for the use of spending reviews for fiscal consolidation and improved government performance, and the implementation of spending reviews

Presentations by:

  • The OECD Secretariat: a proposed taxonomy of spending reviews [GOV/PGC/SBO(2011)9].
  • David Enns, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management, Canada: lessons from the strategic review process.
  • Peter van den Berg, Director, Budget Affairs, Deputy Director General of the Budget, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands.
  • Pauliina Pekonen, Budget Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Finland: lessons from the Finnish productivity programme.
  • H.E. Chris Barrett, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the OECD: spending and strategic reviews.
  • Julien Dubertret, Budget Director, Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Administration, France: fiscal aspects of the Révision générale des politiques publiques.

Background document:

The Performance Framework of the Australian Government, 1987-2011 - extract of the OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2011/3 - HandHand-Out.


Session 2: Roundtable discussion on the changing role of performance information in management and budget

Presentations by:

  • The OECD Secretariat: recent public governance trends and the use of performance information.
  • Niels Refslund, Chief Advisor, Danish Agency for Governmental Management, Ministry of Finance, Denmark.


Background document:

Hand-Out - Building on Basics



Session 3: OECD Budgeting Database – draft questionnaire on performance budgeting

Presentation by the OECD Secretariat: draft questions concerning performance information in the budgeting process.


Background documents:

GOV/PGC/SBO(2011)11 - Budgetary institutions that strengthen fiscal policy: Results from the OECD budgeting practices and procedures database.

Hand-Out - Introduction to 2011 OECD performance budgeting survey.


Thursday 10 November 2011


Session 4: Progress reports on development of performance management systems in member countries

Presentations by:

  • The OECD Secretariat: overview of performance budgeting in Poland.
  • Kadri Jogiste, Head of Budgeting Methodology and Development Department, Ministry of Finance, Estonia.


Background document:

Hand-Out - Overview of performance budgeting in Poland - extract of the OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2011/1.


Session 5: Making performance information public: use it or useless?

Roundtable participants:

  • Elliott Ball, Performance and Reform Unit, HM Treasury, United Kingdom.
  • Andrew Gravener, Parliamentary Scrutiny Unit, United Kingdom.
  • David Enns, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management, Canada.
  • Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer, Parliament of Canada, Canada.
  • Ingvar Mattsson, Head of Secretariat, Finance Committee, Swedish Parliament, Sweden.


Summary record of the meeting ("Highlights")