10th Annual Meeting of International Organisations


Paris, 28-29 November 2023

Today, International Organisations are fighting planetary emergencies, and multilateralism is under stress. High-level political decisions are subject to the vulnerabilities of nationalism, protectionism and war. This reinforces the need for international co-operation aimed at delivering to people access to goods and services, as well as ensuring the health and safety of plants, animals and ultimately citizens worldwide.

International instruments offer a solid backbone for the global landscape. This IO Partnership’s legacy to date is to offer all IOs a common looking glass to identify strengths and weaknesses of international rules and standards. At this anniversary event, governments and IO Partners have the opportunity to define together their shared priorities for international instruments to be ever more effective in ensuring solutions to global challenges.




Day 1

A Decade of Achievements in the IO Partnership: Reaching a Common Understanding for Effective International Rulemaking

Welcoming remarks
International organisations’ role in supporting countries to anticipate, react, and rebuild in the face of global disruptions

Session 1 (9:40-11:00)
Trust in International Rulemaking to Better Address Global Challenges

Session 2 (11.30-13.00)
How Can Governments Leverage Multiple International Instruments to Solve Global Challenges: The Case of Climate Change

Session 3
Complementarity of International Actors in a Fragmented Global Landscape: Achieving Better Results Together – the Case of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Session 4 (16:30-18:00)
From Design to Impact: Are International Instruments Being Used to Their Full Extent? 

Day 2

Better Multilateralism for Global Resilience: Future Horizons


Opening remarks (09:00 - 09:30)

Family photo 
09:30 - 09:40) 

Session 1
(09:40 - 11:00)
High-level Anniversary Panel - Horizon 2030: Addressing the Gaps of Multilateralism

Session 2
(11:30 - 13:00)
Setting the Common Agenda for the IO Partnership: Roundtables to Identify Shared Priorities

Session 3 (15:00 - 17:00)
A look at a current IOP initiative: the Edited Volume on Improving inclusiveness of IO Rulemaking




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