Public governance

6th Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management


 Geneva, Switzerland │ 12-13 June 2017 

The 6th OECD workshop on Strategic Crisis Management, organised by the OECD and the Swiss Federal Chancellery, will bring together government crisis managers and practitioners from international organisations, industry and leading think-tanks to share strategic insights and cutting-edge policy responses.

The workshop will address the key challenges faced by governments to manage critical infrastructure failures and consider:

• How can government crisis managers anticipate and prepare for disruptions of critical infrastructures and ensure continuity of services?

• What strategic approaches have proven effective and efficient for governments to partner with infrastructure operators in strategic crisis management?

With its focus on the specific crises linked to critical infrastructure failures, the workshop will contribute to strengthen the OECD network of Strategic Crisis Managers through focused policy discussions, working group exercises, and advanced knowledge sharing on this key issue for the resilience and security of our societies.

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