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Together for Better Public Services: Partnering with Citizens and Civil Society


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This report analyses the partnerships that governments form with citizens, users and CSOs in order to innovate and deliver improved public service outcomes.


These approaches can offer creative policy responses that enable governments to provide better public services in times of fiscal constraints. 


Although co-production and citizens’ involvement are still in the developmental stage in many countries, early efforts appear to lead to cost reductions, better service quality and improved user satisfaction.

This report identifies the risks of citizen and user involvement in service delivery, and the barriers that must be overcome to make these models work. Top-level political commitment, adequate public sector capacity, and aligned financial incentives are the key factors for success. 



"Co-production is attracting increasing interest among scholars and practitioners alike. This report, which offers a comprehensive survey of existing practice across OECD countries, is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the state of play internationally."

Professor John Alford, Australia and New Zealand School of Government
author, Engaging Public Sector Clients: From Service-Delivery to Co-Production, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009


 Table of contents


1. Transforming public service delivery

2. New forms of partnership with citizens for public service delivery

3. Overview and analysis of country practices on co-production of key public services

4. Success factors and challenges in partnering with citizens for public service delivery

5. Implementing co-production in public services: Conclusions and next steps


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