Directorate for Public Governance

The Territorial Development Policy Committee


The Territorial Development Policy Committee (TDPC) is the main international forum for discussion and exchange of experience in the field of regional policy. It directs the Secretariat’s work on territorial development policies to promote regional competitiveness and effective and innovative governance. Three working parties are linked to the Committee:

  • Working Party on Territorial Indicators
  • Working Party on Territorial Policy in Rural Areas
  • Working Party on Territorial Policy in Urban Areas

The TDPC was formerly established in 1999 to pull together different strands of OECD activities into one new Committee centred on new territorial development policies arising from the changing economic and social conditions, and to assess general policies involving the various partners at national, regional and local level.

The TDPC Mandate focuses on three principal themes: generating and sustaining regional competitive advantage; promoting effective and innovative governance; developing indicators to measure and evaluate improvements in regional competitiveness and to assess policy effectiveness; and incorporates the Mission Statement defined by the Committee as an integral part of the Committee’s Mandate.



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