Directorate for Public Governance

The Public Governance Directorate (GOV) Networks


GOV Networks

The Public Governance Directorate (GOV) serves several unique fora for top officials responsible for the central management systems of government -- budgeting and performance management, policymaking, regulatory reform, strengthening government-citizen connections, human resources management, and ethics, including:

The OECD Public Governance Committee

The work of the Public Management Programme is directed by the Public Governance Committee, which is made up of senior officials from central government administrations in all OECD Member countries.

The Committee was formally established in 1990 (under the title Public Management Committee, or PUMA). The Committee shapes and directs the work programme on public governance and meets twice a year. The work programme is carried out by the GOV Secretariat in collaboration with specialist groups of senior managers who meet once a year on average.

Working Party of Senior Budget Officials

The Working Party of Senior Budget Officials guides the OECD's work on public sector budgeting and management issues. It is a forum for the highest level officials from OECD Member countries to discuss major budgetary issues on the basis of specialised reports prepared by the
OECD Secretariat. The Working Party is composed of budget directors and other senior budget officials from Member countries.

Working Party on Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management Working Party brings together senior management officials to compare experiences and to identify tools to enhance the capacity of the public service.

It seeks to improve Members' governance by addressing public sector management issues such as leadership, building professionalism, civil service ethics, training and development, performance management and knowledge management.

Working Party on Regulatory Management and Reform

The Working Party, unique in the OECD in bringing together policy officials responsible for cross-cutting and horizontal regulatory reform policies, works to build policy support and skills for good regulations in Member countries, emphasizing regulatory quality - combining both good regulation where needed to protect health, safety, and the environment and to enhance the functioning of markets, and deregulation where free markets work better.

Senior Officials from Centres of Government

The Network of Senior Officials of from Centres of Government bring together heads of prime minister's offices, cabinet secretaries, secretaries-general of governments and other senior centre-of-government officials from Member countries, plus the Commission of the European Union. The network was created for the following purposes:

  • to review issues of making the centre of national government work effectively;

  • to understand decision- and policy-making systems;

  • to strengthen the relations among peers in order to encourage them to exchange experiences and priorities;

  • to work on broad governance issues;

  • to provide the Public Governance Committee with opinions on ongoing activities and future work.

The OECD Regulatory Policy Committee

The Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) was created by the OECD Council on 22 October 2009 to assist member and non-member economies in building and strengthening their regulatory reform efforts. It is a platform to help countries adapt regulatory policies, tools and institutions, learning from each other’s experience. The Regulatory Policy Division in the OECD serves as the Secretariat of the RPC and carries out the work programme of the RPC. The Bureau members provide detailed direction to the OECD Secretariat on issues of management and the planning of the Programme of Work.



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