Directorate for Public Governance

The OECD Framework for the Governance of Infrastructure


Getting Infrastructure Right: The 10 Key Governance Challenges and Policy Options

High-quality public infrastructure supports growth, improves well-being and generates jobs. Yet, infrastructure investment is complex, and getting from conception to construction and operation is a long road fraught with obstacles and pitfalls. This OECD survey of the state of infrastructure policy making highlights a number of challenges that all countries face.


What are the 10 main governance challenges? 

  1. Develop a strategic vision for infrastructure
  2. Manage the integrity and corruption threats throughout the project
  3. Choose how to deliver the infrastructure
  4. Ensure good regulatory design
  5. Integrate a consultation process
  6. Co-ordinate infrastructure policy across levels of government
  7. Guard affordability and value for money
  8. Generate, analyse and disclose useful data
  9. Make sure the asset performs throughout its life
  10. Public infrastructure needs to be resilient