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OECD Workshop on Inter-Agency Crisis Management


28 June 2012, Geneva, Switzerland


Governments are confronted with an increasing number of crises, each bringing new threats, spreading beyond national borders and creating significant economic knock-on effects.


Breakdowns in critical systems or natural and technological disasters may lead to complex and multiple crises, with cascading effects across national or even international systems.


Addressing them requires horizontal and vertical coordination mechanisms, as well as new partnerships with industry and civil society.


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Against this backdrop there is a strong need for exchange of experiences and good practices of inter-agency crisis management. Crisis managers in government and in the private sector agree that these complex crises call for new policy action, in terms of interoperability and basic standards. Moreover, there is a need to create working networks and share policy experience in practice at the national and international level.


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In this context, the aim of the workshop was to bring together a group of inter-agency crisis managers and experts to discuss national methods, concepts and instruments for crisis management, and to establish sustainable working arrangements.


The objective is to identify and promote good practices to improve national inter-agency crisis management through the OECD High Level Risk Forum, as well as to establish collaborative relationships and exchanges amongst experts and practitioners from national administrations, industry, think thanks and academia.


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Journalists are invited to contact Charles Baubion (, +33 1 45 24 13 78) and Jack Radisch (, +33 1 45 24 18 03)


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