Risk governance

High Level Risk Forum - Oslo Workshop, 2014


17-18 September 2014, Oslo, Norway



The  High Level Risk Forum organised a workshop on “Learning from crises and fostering the continuous improvement of risk governance and management” in co-operation with the governments of the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The goal of the workshop was to  examine how countries can seize the opportunity to improve risk management policies and practices in the aftermath of a crisis.

The 40 participants in attendance from 12 OECD countries, provided diverse perspective on what lessons to take away from a broad range of crises that their countries have recently had to manage, such as tsunami, terrorist attacks and pandemic flu.

The workshop participants discussed different learning processes , from post-event investigations to policy and organisational changes.  The workshop identified good practices in feedback loops and continuous learning to improve the outcomes of risk management measures, as well as how to incorporate audits for quality assurance of disaster preparedness. The workshop conclusions will be used as part of the HLRF policy toolkit under development, which will support country efforts to operationalize the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks.



Keynote presentation: Prof. Martin Lodge, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Expert Panel 1: Erik Thomassen, Directorate for Civil Protection, Norway Expert Panel 1: Sedef Kurt, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Turkey

Expert Panel 1: Arife Coşkun, Court of Accounts, Turkey

Special focus on the lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Prof. Yuichi Ono, Tohoku University, Japan 

Keynote presentation: Prof. Ragnar E. Lofstedt, Kings College, United Kingdom

Organizational Vigilance: Improving reliability, resilience and learning

Prof. Eric Stern, University of Delaware, United States

Perspectives on learning from recent crises and research

Prof. Ove Njå, Stavanger University, Norway

Expert Panel 2: Patrick Helm, Prime Minister's Office, New Zealand

Expert Panel 2: Maaike van Tuyll, Ministry of Security and Justice, The Netherlands

Expert Panel 2: Ciarán Desmond, Office of Emergency Planning, Ireland

Special focus on the lessons from the 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway

Tor Saglie, Secretary General, Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Special focus on the lessons from the 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway

Per Brekke, Deputy Director General, DSB

Designing a systematic method for crisis investigations

Dr. Edward Deverell, Crismart, Swedish National Defence College





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