Risk governance

7th Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management


 Helsinki, Finland │ 23-24 May 2018

The 7th OECD workshop on Strategic Crisis Management addressed the key challenges faced by governments in adapting their crisis management systems to take hybrid threats into account.  The sessions focused on key questions such as: 


  • How can government and crisis managers identify a hybrid threat campaign? 

  • What can government do to make their risk management capabilities, crisis management and communication systems more resilient to this emerging threat?

The workshop contributed to strengthening countries capacity to anticipate and respond in a high level interactive format through focused policy discussions, and dynamic working group exercises. The workshop identified good practices and fostered knowledge sharing on these key issues for the national resilience and security of our societies, which are essential to maintain trust in public institutions at times of emergency.

For more information on the workshop please contact Charles Baubion.