Risk governance

7th OECD High Level Risk Forum


OECD Conference Centre, Paris
5-7 December 2017

The OECD High Level Risk Forum provides a platform for risk managers from government and the private sector to exchange knowledge and good practices in the management of critical risks, and to discuss opportunities to improve their governance through public/private partnerships. Selected experts from academia, think tanks and NGOs are also welcome to contribute their insights to the Forum discussions in furtherance of an inclusive, whole-of-society dialogue on the governance of critical risks.


5 December - Co-ordinating Risk Management across Government for Greater Resilience
The first day of the High Level Risk Forum will hold joint sessions with the Insurance and Private Pensions Committee, along with invited experts and delegates from additional OECD policy communities, whose work complements HLRF efforts to enhance national resilience. These sessions will examine how to integrate efforts from across government, the private sector and civil society to design and implement policies that can build national resilience to the consequences of critical risks to our societies and economies.

6 December - Critical Infrastructure Protection and Hybrid Threats

The second day of the Forum will review the progress that countries have made in the governance of critical risks. The discussions will then focus on several more specific aspects of risk governance, including challenges that risk managers face in critical infrastructure protection, cyber risks and hybrid threats.

7 December - Using Science, Measuring Losses and Learning Lessons from Disasters

The last day will focus on how to better leverage scientific advice during transnational crises and the state of play across countries in measuring disaster damages and losses. We will welcome a discussion on the lessons learned from crises and disasters in 2017, as well as on the impact of the High Level Risk Forum through international engagements.


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