Risk governance

2nd Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management


19-20 June 2013


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The focus of this year’s workshop was on building multi-disciplinary expertise to support crisis management in fields such as early warning systems and situation analysis. It follows on the first OECD Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management held in June 2012, organised jointly by the OECD and the Swiss Federal Crisis Management Training (CMT) of the Swiss Federal Chancellery.

Participants discussed how to better integrate such tools and systems into the decision-making process during a crisis and other emergency situations that require the harnessing of multi-disciplinary expertise through inter-agency and inter-sectoral co-ordination.

The issues addressed in this second workshop are identified as part of the cross-cutting governance issues that crisis management policies and practices need to consider, including national frameworks for managing both classic and novel crises, and the need for co-ordinating multidisciplinary expertise for Early Warning Systems and crisis sense-making.

Mr. André Simonazzi, (Vice-Chancellor, Swiss Confederation) and Mr. Rolf Alter (Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD) provided introductory remarks focusing on the importance for governments to develop new foresight capacities to help detect signals, as well as prepare for the unknown and the so-called "Black Swan" events.

The workshop helped to identify good practices across OECD countries as well as strengthen collaborative relationships amongst crisis managers.



The workshop brought together 50 crisis managers and practitioners from 15 OECD governments, industry and leading think-tanks to share strategic insights and cutting-edge policy responses, drawing on the expertise of the members of the OECD High Level Risk Forum.




Agenda and Presentations

  • (Prof. Eric Stern, Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware)
  • (Harald Felgenhauer, Systemic Foresight Institute, Austria)
  • Keynote presentation: French White Paper on Defense and National Security (Prefect Yann Jounot, State Protection and Security, France)
  • (Dr. Peter Billing, Emergency Response Center, European Commission)
  • (Enrique Guevara Ortiz, National Disaster Prevention Center, Mexico)
  • (Dr. Maryam Golnaraghi, World Meteorological Organization)
  • Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Liz Critchley, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom)
  • (Giulio Gullotta, Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Germany)
  • (Matthias Bröse, Deutsche Bank)
  • (Tina Gabbrielli, Air Domain Integration Element, United States)
  • (Prof. Bengt Sundelius, Civil Contingency Agency, Sweden)


More information

For more information on the workshop please contact Charles Baubion ([email protected]).

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