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Transboundary water management


Transboundary water management | OECD Free preview | Powered by Keepeek Digital Asset Management Solution There are 261 transboundary river basins in the world, constituting 45% of the earth’s land area. Globally, 19 basins cross 5 countries or more, including the Mekong, the Nile, the Niger and the Rhine. The Danube, for example, flows adjacent to or through 18 countries. In Europe alone, 20 countries depend for more that 10% of their water resources on neighbouring countries and 5 European countries draw 75% of their resources from upstream countries. This case study focuses on modes of international regulatory coordination (IRC) in water governance, specifically in managing river basins that cross national boundaries for non-navigational purposes.


The case study on transboundary water management was developed with Julia Black of the London School of Economics and Policial Science.


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