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Torreon marks an adequate pace in improving the quality of regulations and administrative procedures


Torreon, Mexico, 11 July 2016


The Municipality of Torreon and the OECD signed an agreement to develop a roadmap to improve the quality of regulation. As part of the co-operation agreement, 267 fit-for-purpose recommendations were delivered last February.


In 11 July, staff from the OECD presented the results of the first progress report, out of three reports to be done in total.   The OECD reported progress of 24%, in line with the expected degree of implementation. This result and the corresponding measures to address the recommendations were presented to the Mayor of the municipality of Torreon, Miguel Ángel Riquelme.


The 24% progress indicator marks an adequate speed of implementation of the 267 actions of the reform agenda proposed for the municipality, as illustrated by national and international experiences. OECD officials held meetings with heads and staff of the Office of the Comptroller, the directorates for commerce, urban development, cadastre, civil protection, health, environment, water management, treasury, as well as the Public Registry and the Municipal Planning Institute, in order to thoroughly review current achievements and challenges foreseen. 


The report was also presented to business chambers and associations of Torreon, in a meeting led by the Comptroller Javier Lechuga and Gabriel Calvillo, Director of Urban Development, which enabled the engagement of a larger base of stakeholders.


The second progress report is scheduled to take place before the end of the year, along with a workshop on citizen charters.


For more information, please contact:

Jacobo Pastor Garcia Villarreal, Senior Specialist on Integrity and Procurement Policies, OECD

Guillermo Morales Sotomayor, Policy Analyst on Regulatory Policy, OECD


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