Regulatory policy

Torreon maintains pace in implementing the OECD recommendations to improve regulatory quality




Staff from the OECD Regulatory policy Division presented the second evaluation report of the implementation progress of Torreon.  The municipality marks an adequate pace of progress according to the timeline that frames the project and the national and international experience.


Meetings were held with different administrative units of the municipality with the purpose of sharing the evaluation results, helping officials overcome obstacles and defining next steps to further advance implementation.  The main improvements already in place include:

  • Simplifying and updating the Registry of Municipal Formalities from 727 to 340 administrative procedures.
  • Installing a specialised Unit for Inspections and Verifications to consolidate inspection activities and avoid administrative burdens for businesses.
  • Approving and publishing new regulations to classify business activities and issue business permits.
  • Taking the first steps to implement the Geographic Information System, which will be accesible both for citizens and public officials.
  • Simplifying the process to register a company as a supplier of the municipality; requirements  were eliminated passing from 17 to 10.

The third and final evaluation report will be delivered during the first quarter of 2017.


Citizen Service Charters

In addition to the progress evaluation, on 7-8 November, OECD carried out a workshop for municipal officials on how to draft and implement citizen service charters based on experiences from the United Kingdom and Germany. About 50 municipal officials from the different administrative units of the municipality participated in the workshop.



Jacobo Pastor Garcia Villarreal, Senior Specialist on Integrity and Procurement Policies, OECD

Guillermo Morales Sotomayor, Policy Analyst on Regulatory Policy, OECD




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