Regulatory policy

Risk and Regulatory Policy: Improving the Governance of Risk


Risk and Regulatory Policy

14 April 2010

This report presents OECD research and analysis on risk and regulatory policy. It discusses core challenges and offers measures for developing or improving coherent risk governance policies. Topics include challenges in designing regulatory policy frameworks to manage risks and different cultural and legal dimensions of risk regulatory concepts across OECD countries.


The chapters also cover analytical models and principles for decision making in uncertain situations, and key elements of risk regulation and governance institutions. Reviews of regulatory practices include the use of management-based regulation to help firms make risk-related behavioural changes, and an analysis of the risk-based frameworks of regulators in five OECD countries (Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom) and across fiour sectors: environment, food safety, financial markets and health and safety. Finally, the publication proposes elements for designing formal guidelines for risk prioritisation, assessment, management and communication.

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