Regulatory policy

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in the Czech Republic and other countries


Prague, 1st June 2012

Workshop in Czech Republic, June 1st 2012The OECD co-organised this workshop together with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and the Charles University in Prague. The aim of this workshop was to present recent developments in implementing Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic as well as to enable an exposure to different approaches in some leading OECD countries with the goal of learning from their experience.


The two main topics are of an utmost importance not just for the Czech Republic but also for many others, especially EU countries. The first one deals with the emergence of the so-called “independent watchdogs” which is a relatively new trend in the institutional set up for RIA among OECD countries. The Czech RIA Board is the newest institution of its kind among OECD countries. The workshop was a good opportunity to compare the Czech practice with the functioning of other similar institutions across Europe. The second main issue was the implementation of EU legislation in the national regulatory framework and examining regulatory impact assessment in this process. This topic is relevant as an increasing proportion of national regulations, in some countries up to 70%, originate at the EU level. As a result, EU legislation accounts for roughly 50% of overall regulatory burdens in EU Member States.


The event was geared towards those responsible for regulatory quality in the Czech Republic: members of the Legislative Council of the Government and its Regulatory Impact Assessment Board, members of parliament,directors of legislative departments from the ministries and those in key positions in the regulatory field. The agenda promoted learning among experts from the Czech Republic and from the OECD community in the field of regulatory impact assessment. It included presentations of the processes taking place in the Czech Republic and abroad, with scope for questions and discussions.


The conference was opened by the Vice-Prime Minister of the Czech government Ms Karolína Peake.


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