Regulatory policy

OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Mexico, 2014


Towards a Whole-of-Government Perspective to Regulatory Improvement


Regulatory Policy in Mexico‌ 

Published 25 February 2014

212 pages

In the last years, Mexico has made several efforts to design and implement a regulatory improvement policy. The institutions involved in the better regulation policy have played a key role in enhancing regulatory quality. This includes the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (COFEMER), the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Public Administration. Mexico now has two decades of experience in the application of RIA. Over this period, it has continued to expand the scope of RIA, to refine and improve the specific requirements and to invest substantial resources in implementation. Recently, Mexico has adopted the internationally recognised Standard Cost Model, which has brought a renewed impetus across the federal government to reduce administrative burdens generated by formalities. There is also a thriving Multilevel Regulatory Governance Programme. As a result, Mexico is currently at a stage where positive results are being obtained. However, this is not the time to slow down; instead, further work should be fostered to step up to a new phase of regulatory quality which embeds an effective and profound regulatory improvement culture across the federal government.


The Regulatory Reform Review of Mexico identifies policy findings that the government of Mexico should consider to establish a “whole-of-government” culture for regulatory improvement policy. They include recommendations to strengthen its regulatory policy, institution and tools. It also contains special chapters in which the governance of the regulatory is assessed, specifically on the aspects of independence, performance, and accountability of regulators, and on the challenges of multilevel regulatory governance.


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Table of contents


Chapter 1. The importance of regulatory policy and governance

Chapter 2. Regulatory policy and institutions

Chapter 3. Regulatory tools: regulatory impact assessment and consultation

Chapter ‌4. Regulatory tools: administrative simplification and management of the stock of regulation

Chapter 5. Regulatory governance in Mexico: assessment and recommendations

Chapter 6. The governance of the regulatory system: independence, performance, and accountability of regulators

Chapter 7. Multi-level regulatory governance

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