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Regulatory improvement in the Municipality of Torreon, Mexico


Torreon, Mexico, 18 June 2015


The OECD and the Municipality of Torreon launched a programme on regulatory improvement to implement the 26 recommendations contained in the OECD Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Regulations and Strengthen Mexico's Competitiveness. This joint effort builds on previous co-operation with several states and municipalities in Mexico, as well as on OECD best practice for regulatory simplification.


Torreon thus became the fifth municipality with which the OECD signs a bilateral agreement to improve regulatory quality. Strong political support for this work was illustrated by the participation of Mayor Miguel Angel Riquelme and the Minister for Control and Accountability of the State of Coahuila, Jorge Verástegui Saucedo, representing the Governor Rubén Moreira.


Jacobo Pastor García Villarreal, OECD Senior Specialist on Integrity and Procurement Policies, highlighted that as part of the work programme, which will extend over a period of 15 months, the OECD will analyse how the municipality organises several processes of business formalities, such as starting up a business, getting a construction permit and registering property, carry out a “gap analysis” relative to the recommendations of the Guide, and provide advice to close that gap and get closer to OECD good practices.  Additionally, the OECD will carry out a set of regulatory reform workshops to build capacities in the public offices which deal with business licences and procedures.


The event also benefited from the participation of one of the board members of Coahuila’s Institute for Freedom of Information (ICAI), Teresa Guajardo Berlanga; the Municipal Comptroller, Javier Lechuga; and the Director for Economic Development, Jaime Russek, as well as representatives from business associations and civil society.


See Press release 1 and Press release 2 (in Spanish).


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