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Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Netherlands


The Netherlands has made significant improvements to its system of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) since it introduced the Integrated Impact Assessment for Policy and Regulations (IAK) in 2011.  However, the Netherlands continues to face a number of challenges with regards to ensuring that the IAK is an integral part of the government’s policymaking process. 

This report evaluates the extent to which the building blocks of an effective RIA system are in place within the Government of the Netherlands, based on a comparison with OECD best practice and examples of good regulatory practice internationally.  The report then makes a number of recommendations for reform of the IAK for the Netherlands to take forward, in conjunction with the key stakeholders. 


Read the report: Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Netherlands 


For further information, please contact Daniel Trnka and Richard Alcorn, OECD Regulatory Policy Division.


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