Regulatory policy

Regulatory Policy: Portugal


Better Regulation in Portugal, 2010


Better Regulation in Europe: Portugal 2010 | OECD Free preview | Powered by Keepeek Digital Asset Management Solution   The EU15 project assessed capacities for effective regulatory management across the EU, through individual reviews of fifteen member states, covering half the OECD membership. The reports made up the Better Regulation in Europe series, carried out by the OECD in partnership with the European Commission.


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Administrative Simplification, 2008


This review is the first study undertaken by the OECD to analyse the successes and challenges of both administrative simplification and e-government in a national context. This report analyses Portugal’s simplification programme, known as the Simplex initiative. By targeted use of e-government, Portugal is in the process of making citizens’ and businesses’ everyday life easier through administrative simplification.








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